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Webcast Series

Looking Ahead to the January 25 Webcast: “Manure Application Risk Management Tools & Advisory Systems

Join us January 25, 2013 at 2:30 (eastern) for an exciting webcast on risk management in manure application. Application of manure during inopportune times can lead to runoff from fields and pollution of adjacent waterways. This webcast will highlight three states working on unique and innovative ways to identify and avoid high-risk manure application times and locations. More…

Speakers: Nichole Embertson, Whatcom Conservation District, Kevan Klingberg, University of Wisconsin, Sara Walling, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Peter Kleinman and Anthony Buda, USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Future Topics

February- Waste to Worth Preview
March-the webcast will go on spring break
April-LIVE from Waste to Worth!
May-Monoslope Beef Barns
As always, you can check out the recordings of past webcast at our webcast archive and view the schedule of webcast at upcoming webcasts.

The Waste to Worth Conference is still accepting poster abstracts  until the hall is filled.
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What’s Going On In the LPELC?

In Memory, Travel Scholarships, Nutrient Curriculum

In Memory. We received some very sad news this past month when we learned of the passing of Dr. Ron Sheffield (Louisiana State University). Ron was one of the leaders of the air quality team for the LPELC and responsible for some top quality videos on ammonia, odors, and dust. Despite his ongoing health problems, Ron always had a smile and a bounce in his step. The world of manure management will include a little less laughter because of Ron’s passing. R.I.P. More…

Travel Scholarships. We are excited to announce that the National eXtension Initiative has awarded funds to the LPELC that are to be used for travel scholarships for the “Waste to Worth” conference. The scholarships cover travel and registration up to $1500 for those selected. The primary audience for these are local/regional professionals (extension, agency, consultants, etc.), farmers, or others that work in animal agriculture/environmental topics and could not otherwise travel to the conference without these funds. View the application…

Nutrient Curriculum. A set of materials for classroom teachers and extension educators is now available. The materials are divided into nine sections and include topics like water quality, regulations, calibration, nutrient planning, manure handling, safety, and manure application. In addition to a lesson plan, educators can use presentation slides, videos, fact sheets, review questions, and games for their classroom or programs. More…

Spanish Videos. Two new Spanish language videos are available on the topic of manure sampling. These videos were translated from existing videos with gracious permission from the Iowa Learning Farms project. Dry manure samplingLiquid manure sampling. The English versions of these videos are also available by searching for “manure sampling” at the LPELC YouTube channel.

National Resources

Blue Ribbon, Nutrient Data Tool, ERS Nitrogen Report

Blue Ribbon. The ASABE announced their annual “blue ribbon competition” for recognizing outstanding extension educational aids. The entry deadline for submission to the competition is January 22, 2013.  For more information on how to enter, go to the ASABE web site

Nutrient Data Tool. EPA has developed a new data access tool with information on nutrient pollution in our Nation’s waters. The data also includes water quality problems or potential problems related to this pollution; and potential sources of these pollutants. This tool and data layers represent the best information currently available, may not be complete for all watersheds. More…

ERS Nitrogen Report. A new USDA Economic Research Service report examines trends in nitrogen inputs on corn from 2001-2010. Technical and financial assistance have promoted best management practices and the use of best nitrogen management (including manure management) practices has improved since 2001, although excessive amounts of nitrogen continued to be applied on 31 percent of corn acres in 2010. More…

State Program Highlights

  • North Dakota: The nutrient management team at North Dakota State University has released the latest “Livestock Environmental Management News” More…
  • Nebraska: A television show “Modern Manure Management” is airing throughout the month of December on public TV in Nebraska. The show was filmed at the 2011 Manure Expo and highlights professional manure applicators. You can view the 20 minute show at the LPELC Slideshare site.

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Hot Topics

Antibiotic Resistance, E. coli Source

Antibiotic Resistance. Research from Washington State University indicates that antibiotic resistance may develop in processes involving soil microbes. Until now, most researchers believed that antibiotic resistance developed with animals. While this work is in early stages and requires additional study, it also indicates that it may be possible to develop solutions to interrupt the process leading to antibiotic-resistant microbes. More…

E. coli Source. USDA Agricultural Research Service research is examining the source of E. coli bacteria in a particular California watershed, and the results may surprise quite a few people. Urban sources and human activities were linked to the greatest diversity of E. coli isolates compared to samples from agricultural areas (including livestock). Antibiotic resistance of the isolates was also studied, with the microbes demonstrating resistance to the highest number of antibiotics also being collected from sediments in areas with urban runoff.  More…

Events & Announcements

Brazil Symposium. International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management. March 12-14 in Sao Pedro, Brazil. More…

AgSTAR Conference. The call for abstracts is out for the 7th annual National AgSTAR conference focused on anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery. Submission instructions and conference links are on the LPELC calendar of events. The conference will be held in June, 2013. More…

ASABE Conference. The call for papers for the 2013 ASABE Annual International Meeting is open. Those interested in submitting an abstract for a technical or poster presentation can submit at (Submission deadline is December 13, 2012). The meeting will be held July 21-24, 2013 – Kansas City, Missouri.

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Manure In the News

A look at animal agriculture and manure in the news, serious, funny or controversial. Inclusion here does not constitute LPELC endorsement. In other words, we don’t create this stuff, we just link to it.

“Ohio farmers moving manure further with semis” More…


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