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Webcast Series

Note! June’s webcast has been postponed until August. We will let you know more as the final date is determined.

A monoslope bedded beef barn in South Dakota

Looking Ahead to July

Researchers and university specialists from South Dakota State University, USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC), and Iowa State University Extension are wrapping up a three-year study looking at concentration and emission measurements in comparison with management techniques for mono-slope barns and will share the results of their study. More…

Future Topics

August-(tentative) carbon sequestration
September-Prediction of Phosphorus Bioavailability for Dairy Cattle
As always, you can check out the recordings of past webcast at our webcast archive and view the schedule of webcast at upcoming webcasts.

What’s Going On In the LPELC?

Climate Course, W2W Proceedings, Grid Sampling, Air Award

Climate Course. The LPELC climate team has developed an online course aimed toward helping educators and ag professionals learn more about climate change and the connections to animal agriculture. The course is estimated to take 12 hours and the first session will start September 3. More…

W2W Proceedings. The proceedings from April’s “Waste to Worth: Spreading Science and Solutions” conference include a one-page submission from each author, recording of the presentation (when available), and slides. You can search the proceedings by author, agenda, or (in progress) by topic. Visit the W2W 2013 proceedings hub….

Grid Sampling. The emphasis on precision agriculture and proper nutrient management has led many to wonder about variable rate manure application. The University of Minnesota has explored that topic and released several case studies and videos about grid sampling to guide manure application.  More…

Air Award. The air quality section of the LPELC website was recently awarded a “Blue Ribbon” by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The section includes a large number of curriculum materials including fact sheets, lab exercises, videos, and photo slideshows among other resources. The award will be presented to team leader, Rick Stowell, at the July annual meeting. Visit the air quality site…

National Resources

Water Grants, USDA & Climate, Dairy Sustainability, Watershed Guide, State Highlights

Water Grants. The National Integrated Water Quality Program (NIWQP) has released a request for proposals for projects that utilize research, education, and extension activities to improve the quality of ground and surface water. Proposals are due July 10. More…

USDA & Climate. The USDA recently released a 6 minute video titled “Modern Solutions for Environmental Challenges” which highlights actions farmers can take relative to the issues of climate change and greenhouse gases. Go to the video (YouTube)….The Secretary of Agriculture also announced that USDA will establish seven regional “climate hubs” which will serve to assist and promote science-based decision making and risk management. More… Related: LPELC Climate Change website

Dairy Sustainability. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has recently released version 1.2 of a Stewardship and Sustainability Guide which outlines a process for voluntarily improving communication, monitoring, and progress toward environmental and economic sustainability. More… Related: LPELC Ag EMS and Ag EMS curriculum materials

Watershed Guide. The EPA has released an online module and a guide for developing effective watershed plans. Online module | Quick Guide

State Program Highlights

  • Michigan: Six more farms have achieved recognition for their certification through the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP). More… Related: Waste to Worth proceedings on MAEAP
  • Iowa: If you have never checked out the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) website, you should. A lot of great resources including news, publications, and videos. More…

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Hot Topics

Chesapeake Poultry,  Flies As Feed, Foaming Pits

dairy cowsChesapeake Poultry. A recent University of Delaware study says that EPA may be significantly overestimating the amount of nitrogen in poultry manure and, in turn, assigning too much blame to the poultry industry for the nutrient problems of the Chesapeake Bay. NASDA… | USA Today…. | Delaware online… In related news, Maryland recently announced that the EPA will more closely scrutinize larger animal feeding operations to ensure they are following their nutrient management plans. Lancaster Online… | Public News Service…

Flies as Feed. A company in South Africa has won an innovation prize for raising fly maggots using biowaste and then harvesting them for animal feed. More… Related: LPELC Research Summary on Soldier Fly Larvae

Foaming Pits. A problem plaguing upper Midwest hog producers has been making the news circuits again. Large layers of foam that contain potentially explosive methane develop on top of the manure in deep pits and the cause is still a mystery. In some cases, this layer grows large enough to push up through the floor slats. This round of attention is different as this has been picked up and circulated in more publications than just the traditional farm press. Mother Jones…. | Wired.com… | Pig Progress…

Events & Announcements

ASABE Conference.  The annual international meeting of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers will be held July 21-24, 2013 – Kansas City, Missouri. More…

Manure Expo. The North American Manure Expo will be held “up north” this year as the University of Guelph will host the Expo on August 21, 2013 near London, Ontario, Canada. To keep up with more information on the Expo check out the website or Facebook page.

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Manure In the News

A look at animal agriculture and manure in the news, serious, funny or controversial. Inclusion here does not constitute LPELC endorsement. In other words, we don’t create this stuff, we just link to it.

“4-H club’s annual manure sale attracts many customers” More…

Scientist says poop can save the world More…


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