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December, 2006

  • Integrated Nutrient Management and Limits of the P-Index
  • Pathogen Resources Available on the Website
  • Quick Start Your Search with Dynamic Bibliographies
  • Environmental Management Systems for Agriculture

November, 2006

  • Waterborne Pathogens to be Discussed During the December Webcast
  • Coming Soon…Pathogen Resources/Power Point Presentations to be Available Before a Webcast
  • Feed Management for CNMP Development Course Offered
  • The Debate About Animal Diet and Its Effects on E. coli 0157:H7.

October, 2006

  • November webcast to focus on pathogens
  • Webcast Archive Has Been Created/ Troubleshooting Webcast Connections
  • USGS Program Measures and Monitors Water Quality
  • Center for Conservation Incentives Works to Create Partnerships

September, 2006

  • October 20 Webcast to Discuss CAFO Regulations
  • How Do I Connect to the Webcasts?
  • North Carolina project Examines Technologies for Waste Management
  • Small Producers Receive Assistance Through Innovative Program

August, 2006

  • September 15 Webcast Seminar on the National CNMP Development Course
  • Issue Work Groups in the LPE Learning Center
  • National Ag Library (NAL) Water Quality Information Center
  • Schedule of Upcoming LPE Learning Center Webcasts

July, 2006

  • Introducing the LPE Learning Center
  • Webcast Series to Begin September, 2006
  • EPA Ag Center is “First Stop” for Compliance Information
  • In Memory…Frank Humenik