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December, 2010

The December PDF (printer-friendly version is now available. Learn about the:

  • January webcast on manure application to wheat and side dressing in corn
  • Tell us what you think! Take the LPELC website survey
  • Small farm manure storage video
  • Join the discussion. How does your state handle rules/permitting related to co-digestion or co-composting off-farm wastes with manure?
  • Composting Central website (University of Illinois)
  • CIG Grants available (USDA NRCS)
  • Grassland Reserve Program finalized (USDA (NRCS)
  • Manure Foaming Video (Iowa State University)
  • Biochar to capture heavy metals in rain gardens (USDA ARS)
  • Manure spill toolkit (Michigan State University)
  • Events and Announcements

November, 2010

The November PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available. Learn about the:

  • December webcast on controlling ammonia emissions in poultry facilities<
  • Self-study CEUs available through archived webcasts
  • SPCC tool for dairy
  • USDA pilot for SPCC compliance
  • Research: antibiotics on dairy farms
  • November webcast on SPCC is our 50th!

October, 2010

The October PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available. Get the newsletter. Learn about the:

  • November webcast on the Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) rule
  • New LPELC web pages on anaerobic digestion
  • The role of agriculture in greenhouse gas emissions and capture, life cycle assessments for dairy, beef, and swine operations
  • EPAs revised permit writers manual
  • Nutrients in water (US Geological Survey report)
  • Injection and ammonia emissions
  • SARE farmer/rancher grants
  • Exciting events from around the world of animal ag

September, 2010

The September PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available. Get the newsletter

August, 2010

The August PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available! Get the newsletter!

July, 2010

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June, 2010

May, 2010

The May, 2010(PDF File) issue includes:

As always, there is more going on than can fit in the newsletter. Visit our Community Site to view the blog.

April, 2010

The April, 2010 issue includes:

March, 2010

The March, 2010 issue features many activities in the LPELC including updates to the Certified Crop Advisor self-study quiz links, a new page on USDA ARS manure and byproduct research programs, the LPELC YouTube channel, the air quality section of the website, our Flickr photo group, innovative technologies featured on YouTube by OSU Waste Management, ARS Water Quality Model tested, webinar on USDA organic pasture rule, Manure duJour Season 2, AgStar Conference, research on antimicrobial uptake in crops. More…

February, 2010

The February issue features the March webcast on “Precision P Feeding of the Dairy Cow”, a webcast double-header in February; “Live From the National Water Conference” and “Vegetative Environmental Buffers”, Ohio State blog features a series on site selection [1], Farm Bill programs and grants available [2], FL nutrient regulations open for public comment, and possible new rules for CAFOs in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed More…

January, 2010

The January, 2010issue includes the February webcast on “Vegetative Environmental Buffers for Air Quality”, the FAQ database is expanded, several new publications and newsletters that may interest you, and “Don’t Blame Cows for Climate Change!” More…