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November, 2011

The November, 2011 newsletter is available as a PDF file.

  • December webcast on EPA’s proposed CAFO regulations More…
  • November webcast on manure transport from vulnerable watersheds More…
  • Your best guess–what is the product in this photo?
  • New publications on manure storage covers More…
  • New manure management DVD from Iowa Learning Farms
  • New NRCS report “Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices: Assessment, Recommendations, and Knowledge Gaps”
  • How will rising carbon dioxide levels affect rangelands?
  • Two reports indicate farmers are reducing nutrient runoff to the Great Lakes
  • Events and Announcements

October, 2011

The October, 2011 newsletter is available as a PDF (printer-friendly) file.

  • November webcast is on methods and implications of transporting manure out of vulnerable watersheds More…
  • October webcast is on “Proper Lagoon Closure” More….
  • Your best guess: What is the manure application rate? Photo…
  • New Climate Change link active on LPELC home page
  • National Resources:
    • “Air Issues Associated with Animal Ag” webcast
    • Nitrogen tools
    • Farmer’s Guide to the Conservation Security Program
    • Trends and Developments in Hog Manure Management 1998-2009
  • Spotlight on:
    • Michigan State University study on efficient manure transport
    • Poultry litter for fertilizer and nematode control
    • Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) as an ammonia indicator
    • Manure safety when pumping pits
  • Events and Announcements

September, 2011

The September, 2011 newlsetter is available as a PDF (printer-friendly) file. The webcast series returns after a one-month summer vacation.

  • October webcast is on “Proper Lagoon Closure” More…
  • September webcast “Highlighted Findings from the NAEMS project” More…
  • Your best guess: Which animal left this behind? More…
  • The value of poultry litter is explored in a survey by the University of Georgia
  • Despite efforts to reduce nitrates in the MIssissippi River Basin there has been little change
  • Policies needed to reduce agriculture’s nitrogen footprint?
  • New video on calculating paddock size for grazing dairies
  • Organic poultry farms have less antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Capturing ammonia from liquid manure More…
  • Tannins can reduce ammonia emissions from cattle
  • Temperature and diet play large role in ammonia emissions from feedlots
  • Events and announcements
  • Manure and animal agriculture in the news

August, 2011

The August, 2011 newsletter is available as a PDF (printer-friendly) file. This month’s newsletter contains a new section “Hot Topics: Manure and Animal Ag In the News”. Should we keep that section?

  • September webcast “Highlighted Findings From the NAEMS Study” More…
  • No August webcast
  • Manure Expo Presentation Archived “Manure Application to Frozen and Snow Covered Soils
  • Test your poo proficiency with “Your Best Guess” More…
  • Spanish language mortality composting video
  • Manure expo photos are being archived at a single site
  • A new journal “Animal Frontiers” published an article on “Carbon, Climate Change & Controversy” focusing on animal ag
  • Does composting manure affect the organism that causes Johne’s diseas?
  • EPA has updated its website on water quality criteria for nitrogen and phosphorus pollution
  • USDA ERS new report on “Public Agriculture Research Spending and Future US Agricultural Productivity”
  • How will rising carbon dioxide levels affect rangeland?
  • Preliminary data from a feedlot effluent pumping project in Iowa
  • Can you find out where the E. coli in a watershed is coming from?
  • How do dairies contribute to greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Cattle hoop barns are on the increase in Iowa

July, 2011

The July, 2011 newsletter is available as a PDF (printer-friendly) file.

  • July webcast–Live from the North American Manure Expo
  • LPELC named outstanding community of practice More…
  • Air & climate courses awarded ASABE “Blue Ribbon”
  • National Academies PDF files now available for free download
  • CAST Air Issues Associated with air quality and animal agriculture
  • FPPC Summit to be held in DesMoines
  • Air mitigation spreadsheet project
  • Side dressing manure
  • Wallabies and methane
  • USDA ARS research: E. coli persists in streambed sediments
  • Events and announcements

June, 2011

The June, 2011 newsletter is available as a PDF (printer friendly) file.

  • July webcast–Live from the North American Manure Expo
  • LPELC Outreach Team meeting
  • Miss a webcast? Visit the webcast archive
  • Proceedings and presentations from the 6th AgSTAR (anaerobic digestion) conference More…
  • CAST has released a paper examining air quality and animal agriculture More…
  • The National Organic Program handbook updated More…
  • Mapping manure distribution on pen surfaces and in liquid runoff More…
  • Tropical methane emissions More…
  • Distillers grains and E. coli More…
  • Comparing the ecological “hoofprint” of four different types of dairy systems More… | Related LPELC webcast
  • June webcast–Improving implementation of nutrient management plans More…

May, 2011

The May PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available.

  • June webcast “Improving Implementation of Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs) More…
  • May webcast “Anaerobically Digested Manure” More…
  • First “Environmental Leader” award winner announced More… Learn more about the award More…
  • Check out the LPELC “Value of Manure” section for great information on maximizing the economic returns of manure
  • Updated page (video added) “Calibrating Solid Manure Application Equipment
  • New page (research summary) “Yield and Economic Impact of Fall Versus Spring Applied Manure on Wheat
  • Oil spill regulations (SPCC) exempt milk
  • Poultry and Global Warming (new University of Georgia Publication)
  • International Compost Awareness Week
  • Interesting article from Leopold Center from New Zealand farmer facing caps on nitrogen
  • State regulators offer suggestions on ways EPA can improve regulatory process
  • University of Illinois researchers turn swine manure into oil
  • North American Manure Expo, July 20, 2011 in Norfolk Nebraska More…

April, 2011

The April PDF printer-friendly) version is now available.

March, 2011

The March PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available.

Check out the PDF version for links to USDA economic reports on methane digesters, a National Ag Law Center guide to “Ag and Environmental Regulations”, an opportunity to comment on the draft EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the proceedings of the National Water Conference, and the results of a national on-farm renewable energy production survey.

Also in this issue: Ag Research Service research showing the benefits of grazing, the EPA’s new “Watershed Central Wiki”, call for proposals for EPA’s ag education grants, and an announcement of the Leopold Center 2011 grant projects. The events and announcements include the 2011 Manure Expo, AgSTAR national conference, and webinars by the dairy cattle group in eXtension.

February, 2011

The February PDF (printer-friendly version is now available.

January, 2011

The January PDF (printer-friendly) version is now available.

  • February webcast is TBA–see Upcoming Webcasts as it is finalized
  • March webcast is “How Nature, the Supreme Farmer, Manages Manure” More…
  • Environmental Leaders Award More…
  • Farm Greenhouse Gas Estimation tool
  • NRCS to Fund Conservation Projects
  • State Fact Sheets from the Economic Research Service, now include 2009 data on federal funding
  • Manure Application in Winter
  • Chesapeake TMDL Established
  • Animal Welfare and Consumer Demand for Meat
  • January Webcast Reminder More…
  • Manure Expo More…