LPELC Webcast Pages that need to be updated regularly

Prior to a Webcast

  • Upcoming Webcasts – Once a webcast has been set up and a month or date selected, add the month/date and topic to the table. Add additional information for a webcast as it becomes available and remove webcasts from the list after they are complete.
  • learn.extension.org – Once a flyer has been developed and posted on the Upcoming webcast page, an event for the webcast needs to be created.
  • Live Webcast Information – Add handouts a day or two before the live webcast.
  • Add a Menu Button – About 24 hours before webcast, add a link to the main menu and title the link “Live Webcast January 6” (changing date to match webcast date). Remove the links immediately afterward.

Immediately following a Webcast

The week after the webcast