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Webcast Series

Looking Ahead to the November 30 Webcast: “The 4 R’s of Nutrient Management”

Join us November 30, 2012 at 2:30 (eastern) for an exciting webcast on the four R’s of nutrient management. Nutrients used to grow field crops from fertilizer and organic sources are entering and polluting our waterways. The 4R’s of nutrient stewardship are (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time and Right Place). See how the Ohio State University Extension is developing programs and research to clean up Lake Erie and Grand Lake St. Mary’s, and how industry professionals are embracing the 4R’s. The flyer will be posted at the upcoming webcasts page when it is available.

Speakers: Greg Labarage (Ohio State University), Tom Bruuselma (International Plant Nutrition Institute), and John Oster (Morral Companies, LLC). The moderator is Amanda Douridas (Ohio State University).

December 7 Topic is “Biofilters for Air Quality”

In a rare schedule change, we are hosting webinars in back-to-back weeks. Biofilters have been getting attention as an on-farm method of reducing odor nuisances. The December 7 webcast will cover several aspects of this topic. 1) What is a biofilter? and different types of biofilters. 2) What is the state of the science on biofilters? 3) Case studies and lessons learned on the use of biofilters. The speaker lineup (tentative) includes: Kevin Janni and Larry Jacobson, Minnesota; Teng Lim, Missouri; Rich Gates and Ted Funk, Illinois; and Erin Cortus, South Dakota State.

 Future Topics

January-managing risk when spreading manure in winter
February- Waste to Worth Preview
March-the webcast will go on spring break
April-LIVE from Waste to Worth!
As always, you can check out the recordings of past webcast at our webcast archive.

The abstract submission deadline for Waste to Worth is November 16, 2012 for oral presentations. Posters will be accepted until the hall is filled.
Submit an Abstract

What’s Going On In the LPELC?

Travel Scholarships, Waste to Worth, FAQv Series, Swine GHG

Travel Scholarships. We are excited to announce that the National eXtension Initiative has awarded funds to the LPELC that are to be used for travel scholarships for the “Waste to Worth” conference. The scholarships cover travel and registration up to $1500 for those selected. The primary audience for these are local/regional professionals (extension, agency, consultants, etc.), farmers, or others that work in animal agriculture/environmental topics and could not otherwise travel to the conference without these funds. View the application…

FAQv Series. A series of frequently asked questions videos (FAQv) on managing animal mortalities has recently been published on the LPELC website. The series was produced by Oklahoma State University. More… Each short video (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes) answers one specific question about managing carcasses.
Related Information: “Managing Animal Mortalities” and an archived webcast “Managing Livestock Mortalities

Swine GHG. A project, led by University of Arkansas, examining swine greenhouse gas emissions has published research summaries which explains this comprehensive cradle to farm-gate project. As the research continues, the web pages will be updated and expanded. Some of the research topics include animal health status, manure management, diet, and much more.
Related information: archived webcasts “Life Cycle Assessment Modeling for the Swine Industry” and “Pork and Poultry Producer Association Efforts to Address Carbon Footprint“.

Climate Course. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has released a new self-study course “Why Do We Care About Climate Change?” and added it to their collection of air, energy and climate course offerings. More…

National Resources

Carcass Proceedings, NRCS Website, Animal Health, Indian Agriculture

Carcass Proceedings. The proceedings of the 4th International “Animal By-Products Symposium” is available for download. More… You can also learn more about the symposium and view presentations and posters at the symposium website.

NRCS Website. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has overhauled its website and improved navigation and layout. New NRCS website… Related: If you are on Twitter, follow the #soilhealth hashtag to keep updated on programs and reports about soil and water quality.

Animal Health. The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) has a new paper and companion video discussing the relationship between animal health and food safety. Given the current pressures by some activist groups to change the way animals are raised, this topic is a must-read for animal ag professionals. More…

Indian Agriculture. A new curriculum from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program aims to help those who work with American Indians better understand the unique challenges faced by native farmers. The materials are titled “People of the Land”. More…

State Program Highlights

  • Minnesota: The University of Minnesota has has released nutrient management planner software. More…
  • Michigan: MSU has published “Fall Manure Application Tips”. More…
  • Texas: Texas Agri-Life researchers are studying climate-related emissions from cattle feedyards in the arid Texas climate. More…
  • Oklahoma: OSU has released the latest issue of its “Poultry Practices” newsletter. This issue compares poultry litter with commercial fertilizer and also discusses tax credits, beef and hormones and bermudagrass recovery after drought. More…

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Hot Topics

Ammonia Recycling,

Ammonia Recycling. The USDA Agricultural Research Service has patented a new technology that can remove ammonia from livestock wastewater and recycle it as a fertilizer. More…

Events & Announcements

Brazil Symposium. International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management. March 12-14 in Sao Pedro, Brazil. More…

AgSTAR Conference. The call for abstracts is out for the 7th annual National AgSTAR conference focused on anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery. Submission instructions and conference links are on the LPELC calendar of events. The conference will be held in June, 2013. More…

ASABE Conference. The call for papers for the 2013 ASABE Annual International Meeting is open. Those interested in submitting an abstract for a technical or poster presentation can submit at (Submission deadline is November 30, 2012). The meeting will be held July 21-24, 2013 – Kansas City, Missouri.

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Manure In the News

A look at animal agriculture and manure in the news, serious, funny or controversial. Inclusion here does not constitute LPELC endorsement. In other words, we don’t create this stuff, we just link to it.

“Dead deer composted to fertilizer roadside plantings in Maryland” More…

“Vermont ski resort to power gondola using cow poop” More…


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