Episode 13: Germs, germs everywhere

Continuing our deep dive on “Quarantine Life from Cholera to Covid-19” with chapter 5: Germs, germs everywhere. In this episode, Mara, Amber, and Noelle talk about germ theory: the good, the bad, the apocalyptic! Plus what does this historical perspective on how humans first understood bacteria tell us about how we can better address the AMR challenge, and improve our science communication strategies?

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Episode 12: Wash your hands

Continuing our deep dive on “Quarantine Life from Cholera to Covid-19” with chapter 4: Wash your hands. In this discussion, Mara, Amber, and Noelle get to talking about the “discovery” of handwashing and what the methods used to communicate that new knowledge can teach us about effective science communication.

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Episode 11: Let’s stick together

Continuing our deep dive on “Quarantine Life from Cholera to Covid-19” with chapter 3: Let’s stick together. In this discussion, Mara and Amber are joined by recent guest Noelle Atieno Mware to explore what the cholera epidemics in London in the mid-1800s tell us about how important community is for addressing contagious disease, and how community relationships can in turn drive contagion. Plus, how do we use these lessons to meet the AMR challenge?

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Episode 9: Listen to Women

This week on Tales of the Resistance we begin a multi-week deep dive on the book “Quarantine Life from Cholera to Covid-19” written by iAMResponsible member Kari Nixon.  During this series, our hosts will discuss the lessons of the book, about how people react and act in a world of infectious disease, and try to apply those lessons to AMR, and how we can improve our communication and educational efforts around AMR and infectious diseases in the future.
In this week’s episode, Amber and Mara are discussing chapter 1: #ListenToWomen. This chapter begins with a discussion of early vaccination efforts in 18th century England and what that means for who we look to for medical and scientific advice and attitudes toward public health.

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Episode 8: Carlton Poindexter

This week on Tales of the Resistance Amber and Mara are chatting with fellow AMR explorer Carlton Poindexter, a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland. It is an opportunity to nerd out about microbes and that’s never taken lightly, gird your loins because this episode is diving deeeeeep into complex microbiological ecologies, and wastewater treatment – thrilling stuff.

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Episode 7: Meet the iAMResponsible Team – Divya Jaroni

Since antimicrobial resistance is about microbes, it is probably a good idea to sit down with a microbiologist! Divya Jaroni is a food microbiologist and professor at Oklahoma State University and in this episode, she shares with Mara and Amber her tale of resistance, how she first learned about AMR, why she’s so passionate about working to address the problem, and what she thinks are the most pressing needs to address it. All that and more on this episode of Tale of the Resistance.

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Episode 5: Meet the Team – Emmanuel Okello

Time to break out the shades and sunscreen everybody this week on “Tales of the Resistance” we have Emmanuel Okello from sunny University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. This week is wild as we talk not only about AMR’s effect on people but animals, more specifically livestock. Emmanuel brings a fresh perspective to the table as he combines his veterinary experience with the world of AMR. We chat a little about the future the past and everything in between, he even mentioned our lab’s home, Lincoln, Nebraska! Thanks for chatting with us this week Emmanuel we learned a lot and sure our listeners will as well. And thank you all for exploring the world of AMR with us through this mini-series. 

Check out more with Emmanuel: Emmanuel Okello | School of Veterinary Medicine (ucdavis.edu)

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Episode 4: Meet the Team – Stephanie Lansing

Welcome to “Tales of the Resistance” a podcast centered around learning about antimicrobial resistance (AMR).  Hosted by three members of iAMResponsible team, a nationwide outreach effort on AMR, Mara Zelt, Amber Patterson, and Bella Breinig work together at the University of Nebraska and with the iAMResponsible team, and on this podcast – what are the odds?

More manure mentoring this week on “Tales of the Resistance” as we pick the brain of Stephanie Lansing who leads the bioenergy and biotechnology lab at the University of Maryland. More affectionately known as the “poop” lab. Stephanie blows our minds as we learn about the interconnectivity of AMR to the language we use to speak about antimicrobial resistance. She also touches on how AMR has affected a member of her own family. Everyone leaves a little hungry for more insight on AMR, ready to continue our journey into the world of AMR. Special thanks to Stephanie for taking the time to speak with us! 

Check out more from Stephanie:  Stephanie Lansing | College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Maryland (umd.edu)

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