Waste to Worth 2022 Leadership and Committees

Conference Organizers

Conference Chairs: Glen Arnold, The Ohio State University and Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Local Host and Tours: Glen Arnold and Mary Wicks, The Ohio State University

Program: Jactone Ogejo, Virginia Tech and Rhonda Miller, Utah State University

Air Quality Program: Lingying Zhao, The Ohio State University

Proceedings: TBD

Marketing and Sponsorship: Amy Schmidt, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Social / Networking: TBD

Ron Sheffield Memorial Student Poster Competition: TBD

Evaluation: TBD

Planning Committee Members

Glen Arnold, Tim Canter, Lide Chen, Erin Cortus, Mario de Haro-Martí,  Nichole Embertson, Joe Harrison, Al Heber, Leslie Johnson, Mary Keena, Rick Koelsch, Renee Leech, Teng Lim, Sandy Means, Rhonda Miller, Jactone Ogejo, Jeff Porter, Amy Schmidt, Mahmoud Sharara, Catherine Stanley, Rick Stowell, Jasper Teboh, Mary Wicks, Melissa Wilson, Greg Zwicke