Waste To Worth 2022 – Poster Session

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Nutrient and Water Quality Outcomes From In-Crop Manure Application to Corn

Greg LaBarge

Assessing the implications of chloride from land application of manure for Minnesota waterways

Matthew A. Belanger*

Swine manure and cedar woodchip applications improve soil ecological indicators and improve moisture retention

Mara Zelt

The Use of Cover Crops and Manure to Retain Soil Moisture in Aridisols in Southern Idaho

Kevin Kruger*

Assessment of method of photo analysis for demonstrating soil quality

Amy Schmidt

Potential soil health improvement through the integration of cover crops and manure in the upper Midwest

Manuel Sabbagh*


Can Grazing Systems Effect Plant Availability?

Anish Subedi*

How Are Filth Flies Involved in Wasting Nitrogen?

Natalia B. Espinoza*

University of Idaho Sustainable Agriculture project seeks to create a bioeconomy from dairy byproducts to increase nutrient recycling

Mario E. de Haro Martí

Pull-Plug Sedimentation Basin for Dairy Manure Management

Teng Lim

Experience of Removing and Land Application of Lagoon Solids

Teng Lim

Spatial and temporal variabilities of manure composition in a commercial turkey barn

Noelle Soriano

Merits of Manure Content Library

Amy Schmidt

Can we create an accurate manure application map from GPS and manure weight or manure flow data?

Richard A. Meinert

Evaluation of geospatial data for livestock operation location and estimation of manure nutrient utilization capacity in five Nebraska counties

María José Oviedo*

A Transportation Simulation Model for selected Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility (CAFFs) within the Maumee Watershed, Ohio

Patrick L. Lawrence

Quantifying Gaseous Emissions From Fresh Broiler Litter

Carly Graves*

A mass balance approach to estimate methane and ammonia emissions from non-ruminant livestock barns

Anna Warmka*

Manure Treatment Technology Adoption by Swine and Dairy Producers: Survey Feedback

Juan Carlos Ramos-Tanchez*

Impacts of social media on public awareness and behavior related to antimicrobial resistance

Mara Zelt

Life Cycle Assessment methodology to evaluate environmental impact of beef manure management: a comparison

Andrea Wingartz*