Waste to Worth 2022 Tours

Tours will feature the Western Lake Erie Basin and highlight water quality research, edge-of-field paired monitoring, manure management technologies, in-season manure application on wheat and corn, air quality best management practices, manure and livestock mortality composting, and more.

Tour Schedule

      • Tuesday, April 19, 2022
      • Leaving from Maumee Bay Lodge
      • Cost of $25, includes transportation and lunch
      • Registration limited

    About the Tours

Tour 1:  Field to Faucet | Focuses on manure management at dairies, on-farm water quality research,edge-of-field research, and drinking water treatment.

Tour 2:  Alternative Technologies + Treatments | Focuses on anaerobic digestion, composting, treating subsurface drainage water to capture phosphorus, satellite ponds for liquid manure, and in-season manure application to corn.

Tour 3:  Poultry Plus | Focuses on poultry litter handling and management, including pelletization and composting, and mitigation of odors, including litter treatments and windbreaks.

Stay tuned for details on tour stops.


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