Fertilizer Value of Nitrogen Captured using Ammonia Scrubbers

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Over half of the nitrogen (N) excreted from broiler chickens is lost to the atmosphere as ammonia (NH3) before the manure is removed from the barns, resulting in air and water pollution and the loss of a valuable fertilizer resource. A two stage exhaust scrubber (ARS Air Scrubber) was developed by scientists with USDA/ARS to trap ammonia and dust emissions from poultry and swine facilities.…

Development of Pilot Modules for Recovering Gaseous Ammonia from Poultry Manure


There is major interest from producers and the public in implementing best control technologies that would abate ammonia (NH3) emissions from confined livestock and poultry operations by capturing and recovering the nitrogen (NH3-N).

What did we do?

In this study, we continued investigating development of gas-permeable membrane modules as components of new processes to capture and recover gaseous ammonia inside poultry houses, composting facilities, and other livestock installations.…

On-Farm Field Days as a Tool to Demonstrate Agricultural Waste Management Practices and Educate Producers

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Teaching Best Management Practices (BMP) or introducing new agricultural waste management practices to livestock producers and farmers is a challenge. This poster describes a series of on-farm field days designed to deliver information and demonstrate on-site several waste management techniques, most of them well established in other parts of the country but sparsely used in Idaho.…