Proceedings from Waste to Worth “Spreading” Science and Solutions 2013

Waste to Worth: Spreading science and solutions logoThe 2013 Waste to Worth proceedings include a one-page submission by the author, presentation slides and (90% of the time) a recording of the presentation.

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The main author page includes every abstract submitted for W2W in alphabetical order of the primary author/presenter with a link to the full proceedings paper after each. Click on a the first letter of their last name or use your browser “find” function to locate the name of an author.


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Air Quality

Economics & Value of Manure Feed Nutrient Management

Manure Treatment (Includes Anaerobic Digestion)

Climate Change & Greenhouse Gases Small Farms

Nutrient Management

Manure Storage & Handling Education & Outreach
Mortality Management

Water Quality & Management

Grazing Animals