Waste to Worth 2019

Bringing together the nation’s best science with innovative outreach on animal agriculture and the environment. Add in opportunities to meet and network with outstanding people, mix with a multidisciplinary emphasis and collaborative atmosphere. That is a winning recipe for turning waste into worth. Visit wastetoworth.org for more information.

Dates: April 22–26, 2019

Location: Graduate Minneapolis

Proceedings are available through the Online Agenda!

2019 Conference Organizers

Conference chair: Erin Cortus

Program chairs: Becky Larson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jeff Porter, NRCS; Shafiqur Rahman, North Carolina State University; and Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Tours: Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota

Ron Sheffield Memorial student poster competition: Tommy Bass, Montana State University

Planning committee:  Erin Cortus, University of Minnesota; Kevin Janni, University of Minnesota; Mary Keena, North Dakota State University; Teng Lim, University of Missouri; Leslie Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Robb Meinen, Penn State Extension; Becky Larson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Joe Harrison, Washington State University; Jeff Porter, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Lide Chen, University of Idaho; Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota; Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kristi Fischer, University of Minnesota; Shafiqur Rahman, North Dakota State University; Leif Fixen, The Nature Conservency; Erica Rogers, Michigan State University; Rick Koelsch, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Abby O’Keefe, University of Minnesota; Chryseis Modderman, University of Minnesota; Sandy Means, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Nichole Embertson, Whatcom Conservation District; Tommy Bass, Montana State University; Suresh Niraula, University of Minnesota; and Megan Webb, University of Minnesota