Watershed Management Resources DVD

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Why Develop a Watershed DVD?

The cover of the Watershed Management Resources DVD

The Watershed Management Resources DVD is an interactive e-learning tool created by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  It was created for a wide variety of audiences including watershed groups, government and non-government organizations, post-secondary students , agricultural producers and any others who wish to learn more about water quality, water sampling and integrated watershed management.  This tool promotes a synergistic approach to watershed management and increases leadership capacity by encouraging all members of a watershed community to work together to reduce harmful impacts to watersheds and to monitor their watershed for improvements.

What Did We Do?

A screen shot of the Welcoming page in the Surface Water Sampling section of the DVD

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canda used past experiences and current information to create a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) set of educational modules.  This self-paced DVD provides users with interactive flash animations, video clips and text screens which educates about issues of water quality, beneficial management practices (BMPs) and watershed management.  The DVD is available free of charge to any interested parties. 

What Have We Learned?

A screen shot of the Hydrologic Cycle Animation that is found on the DVD.

Integrated watershed management is a complex topic and involves all types of people with varying levels of knowledge.  Any type of educational tool that can be used to help stakeholders better understand their watersheds and how to appropriately monitor and manage them are very useful.

Future Plans

To continue to find ways to extend our knowledge to the sector.


Serena McIver, Senior Water Quality Engineer, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, serena.mciver@agr.gc.ca               

Additional Information

More information on the organization and agriculture in Canada can be found at www.agr.gc.ca


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