Frank Wideman


Frank Wideman is a Natural Resources Engineering Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension.  He specializes in natural resource management, water quality, farm and home energy and emerging technologies.  He includes GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing in all those areas.  He also utilizes distance education, social media, and community resource management to develop these programs.  He is currently serving as an eXtension Question Wrangler along with his duties for University of Missouri.  Frank has a B.S. & M.S. in Agricultural Engineering, both from University of Missouri.  

Currently, Frank is working on projects that include natural resource management and energy conservation and alternative energy sources.  His emphasis is on using the emerging technologies to solve local community issues and needs with science based information.

Contact Information:


phone: 573-547-4504

Scientific Overview of Agricultural Carbon Research & the Implications for Climate

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