How much of the nitrogen contained in dairy ration components is partitioned into milk, manure, crops and environmental N loss?


Of the total nitrogen (N) consumed by dairy cows on confinement farms (cows fed in barns), a general range of 20% to 35% is secreted in milk and the remaining N is excreted in manure. The N contained in manure is either recycled through crops after field application, or lost to the environment. To better understand the synergistic nature of feed N and manure N management and environmental N loss from dairy farms, a series of cow, laboratory and field experiments (Figure 1) was undertaken to quantify the relative amounts of N contained in individual ration components that are secreted in milk, excreted in urine and feces, taken up by crops after manure application to soil, and lost as ammonia (NH3) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from dairy barns and soils.…

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The Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) was used to characterize the farming and livestock system in Limu-Bibilo district in Ethiopia. Prior to data collection, a Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (SLF) was conducted in August 2012.…