Does Manure Solid-Liquid Separation Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Swine Farms?

green stylized pig logoThere is some research suggesting that separating swine manure into solids and liquids can slightly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted from the manure itself. It is not likely to be significant enough for separation to be a viable strategy by itself.

The primary reason to use solid-liquid manure separation is to prepare manure for further treatment in a system that can:

  1. generate energy (such as anaerobic digestion, thermal technologies, etc.)

Exploring Interactions Betwen Agricultural Decisions and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using Swine Production

green stylized pig logoThe materials on this page are an interactive lab designed to introduce students (high school level) to pig farming and the connections between management decisions  and the greenhouse gas emissions. It also includes information on the economic implications of those decisions. Background information and activities are provided in a graphical (visual) format.…

Extension and Education on Swine Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dr. Karl VanDevender – University of Arkansas:Cooperative Extension Service and Dr. Brian Richert – Purdue University

Sub-Project Overview

The research and modeling work encompassed by this project offers great potential for assisting researchers, policy makers, and especially farm managers to make informed management and facilities decisions regarding GHG emissions while maintaining production and profitability.…

Manure Management and Algal Nutrient Removal Impacts on Swine Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Algal Nutrient Removal

Dr. Marty Matlock and Dr. Thomas Costello – University of Arkansas

Sub-Project Overview

Algal biomass offers many advantages over traditional energy crops; algal biomass generates higher yields and requires smaller land area than other energy crops. In addition to biomass production for potential biofuel feedstock generation, algal growth systems can also act as tertiary treatment systems for wastewater.…

Solid-Liquid Manure Separation

Many, if not most, systems designed for manure treatment depend on reliable solid-liquid separation. What is solid-liquid separation for manure and when is it something to consider doing for your farm?

Defining Manure from a Solid-Liquid Separation Perspective

Manure can be thought of as a mixture of water, minerals, and organic components.…

Mobile Manure Apps

This webcast features a developer who has worked extensively with university extension as well as many other clients in sports, journalism, and agriculture. Two manure management apps are demonstrated followed by a panel discussion that features more manure-related apps and discusses challenges, opportunities and lessons learned when creating those apps.…