Natural Rendering: Composting Horse Mortality

poster of the mortality composting processPurpose          

Understanding Livestock Composting as there are few methods to safely dispose of livestock mortality

What did we do?         

CWMI has been working on mortality disposal since 1990. Research was completed methodically as new questions arose. We started with large livestock(deadstock) migrated to research on managing animals hit by cars, generally wild animals. Moved to managing disease outbreak and drugs residual that might end up in compost if it does not degrade.

What have we learned?           

See attached paper

Future Plans  

Responding to Routine Mortality and Disasters


Jean Bonhotal, Director CWMI, Cornell University

Mary Schwarz, Cornell Waste Management Institute Craig Williams, Penn State University, Ann Swinker, Penn State University

Additional information


Mary Schwarz, Cornell Waste Management Institute

Craig Williams, Penn State University

Josh Payne, Oklahoma State University

Ann Swinker, Penn State University

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