Manure Spreader Calibration Field Days for Confined Animal Facility Operators in South Carolina

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Confined Animal Facility Operators in South Carolina either utilize the manure they produce directly on their own land or sell the manure to be used on another farm.  The application of this manure is regulated by SC Regulation R.61-43, which provides application setback requirements, nutrient application rates, and other information pertaining to the utilization of the manure as a nutrient source.  One requirement of this regulation is that growers must calibrate their spreader equipment once each year in order to provide an accurate application of the manure.  Spreader calibration field days were developed for both liquid and solid manure application systems and held in multiple locations around South Carolina.  The poster will detail the methods used, the amount of grower interaction and participation, and the number or growers attending and utilizing this program.


Bryan Smith, Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service     

Brian L. Beer, M.S., Area Extension Agent – Livestock, Clemson Extension Service, Lee van Vlake, M.S., Area Extension Agent – Livestock, Clemson Extension Service


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