NRCS Pilot Project of the DeltaProbe Seepage Meter

NRCS has started a pilot project to test existing animal waste storage facilities for seepage using the DeltaProbeTM Seepage meter.  The DeltaProbeTM seepage meter is the result of an NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) to develop a device to quickly and directly measure seepage rates from waste storage ponds or lagoons.  

Evaporation Ponds – Waste Storage Facility Design Spreadsheet


An assessment tool was developed to simplify the process of determining minimum waste storage pond (WSP) dimensions in conjunction with assuring adequate evaporation of stored runoff over time. In contrast to typical WSP designs that require intermittent pumping and handling of waste water, evaporation ponds (EPs), as waste storage facilities used to contain storm runoff from feedlots, offer long-term passive management and may be acceptable alternatives where annual evaporation exceeds rainfall and where landowners deem typical WSP designs as impractical.…