Value of Manure Library for Educators and Advisors


Manure is a resource that comes with many benefits and challenges.  This library is designed to provide educators and advisors with access to recommended resources that will assist you in your discussion of manure’s benefits and challenges.  Educators, please feel free to share and re-purpose educational products in this library with local audiences.…

Live Webinar Information

The next live webinar is being planned. Stay tuned for more information.

Register/Connect Now

The meeting room is opened approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Note: the URL for the virtual meeting room changes with each webinar. Please use the “Register/Connect Now” link above.…

New Technologies to Help Us Share Stories and Ideas

This two-part workshop exposes participants to a wide variety of existing and new technology, and how these applications can enhance learning and programming.

During each part of the session, there will be a series of short presentations, opportunity for sharing of ideas, followed by time to ask questions and try the tech at tables around the room.

Adding Color to Your Program…People and Personalities

Asking a client to share their communication style and preference isn’t necessarily the first thing that’s done when contacted for help about manure management. However, it’s been shown time and again that communicating to a person in the way that matches the way they want to be communicated to, is the best way to ensure everyone is acknowledged and heard.