PFAS – What is in Your Water?

This webinar provides a basic understanding of PFAS. Some of the questions that are answered include: What is PFAS? Where did it come from? Where is it found? What are the potential issues related to PFAS? This is the first of a two-part series on PFAS and will focus mainly on water related factors and concerns.…

Sand bedding for cows, is it a contaminant? Is it sustainable for our soils?

The question came up at an extension meeting on manure as to how adding 18,250 lbs. of sand per cow stall per year was impacting the soil.  Words like a “it will take a long time” and “not sure” didn’t serve as satisfactory answers.

Upon talking to a soil scientist, I found in 25 to 50 years the soil texture could include 20% more sand, when using a vertical tillage system.  …

Development of a Cost-Effective Treatment Process for Removing Antimicrobials from Agricultural Wastewater

Much of the antimicrobials (AM) used therapeutically and prophylactically pass through the animal and enter the environment through irrigation with beef runoff wastewater (WW).  There are concerns repeated low-level AM loading of soils through irrigation will alter the natural biota resulting in increased resistance; thereby, making AM critical for human and animal health less effective.