Updating manure N and P credits: A growth chamber study

For a long time, farmers have realized the benefits of using manure as a nutrient source.  The ratio of various nutrients in manure, however, rarely matches the exact plant needs. Consequently, farmers must choose between overapplying some nutrients, or underapplying others and meeting the remaining needs with commercial fertilizers.

Survey of Pennsylvania Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program

This presentation will provide an overview of Pennsylvania’s Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker Certification program and highlight results of the industry survey. Pennsylvania’s Manure Hauler and Broker Certification Program was mandated by state law in 2006. The unique program has five certification levels, each with unique education requirements (Table 1).…

Can Manure Improve Soil Health?

Recently there have been significant effort put into promoting soil health, emphasizing management practices such as low or no tillage, cover crop, and increasing soil organic matter content. A state-wide effort in Missouri has been taken to encourage adoption of cover crops, to improve water quality and soil health.

Pasture-based Dairy Impact on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Response to Grazing Grass-Legume Mixtures over Monocultures

There are over 3.5 million milk cows in the Western United States, making dairy one of the dominant sectors of western agriculture. Organic milk production is the fastest growing segment of U.S. organic agriculture and as a result there has been an increase in pasture-based milk production. To meet this increasing demand, improved grass-legume pastures that require fewer inputs, have high forage production and nutritive value, improve ruminant utilization of nitrogen, and have high dry matter intake are critical to the economic viability of pasture-based organic dairies.

Farm-Based Anaerobic Digestion Projects – Wastewater Disposal and Nutrient Considerations

While anaerobic digestion is often touted for producing renewable energy/fuels, producers at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are often most concerned about nutrient loading, an issue that has garnered increasing regulatory scrutiny. Anaerobic digestion, while a carbon management tool capable of producing carbon fuels, does little in regard to nitrogen and phosphorus management.…

Winter Manure Application Options

Manure application in winter brings increased risk of runoff reaching surface or groundwater resources. Practical and science-based options exist for managing and reducing the risk for livestock producers who have little or no manure storage, or for situations where a late fall or early freeze limit manure application options.…