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The decision-support tool being developed by the MaNuRe Project is based on user-based knowledge of soil chemistry, fertilization needs, crop selection, livestock production, desired level of wastewater treatment, water use, wastewater production, and regulatory requirements.


Newtrient helps dairy farmers, technology providers, and other stakeholders to assess manure management opportunities and challenges to make informed decisions.  Their mission is to “reduce the environmental footprint of dairy and make it economically viable to do so.” They have three priorities: 1) manure-based products, 2) ecosystem service markets, and 3) innovative technologies and effective practices.

Newtrient was founded by 12 leading milk cooperatives representing almost 20,000 dairy farmers that produce approximately half of the nation’s milk supply. To learn more about Newtrient, go to FAQs – Newtrient.


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Management of Nutrients for Reuse (MaNuRe) aims to address the need in livestock agriculture to better manage and reuse both water and nutrient resources. MaNuRe is a multi-university, multi-disciplinary project to develop, assess, and support the best in manure treatment technology.

With the combination of continued global population growth and trend of extreme climate events and the resulting variability in reliable water resources, the requirement of water recycling becomes an integral part of agriculture wastewater resource management. Important nutrients are also lost to wastewaters, but could be recycled and reused for food production. Water treatment and nutrient needs vary geographically and change based on production, thus the user-driven strategy inherently demands a systems-based, flexible decision-making approach.

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