Climate Change and Animal Agriculture Self-Study Topics

Each of these free, self-paced modules tackles a specific topic about climate change and animal agriculture. It is best to go through the materials/topics in order as they are designed to progressively take you through the material.

Climate and Weather Trends

How has climate changed? What are the recent trends in rainfall, temperature, etc.? How do I learn more about my region?

Climate Impacts on Animal Production

How does/will climate change impact animal production? Are there opportunities as well? The materials are categorized by species (beef, dairy, pigs, poultry).

Adaptation & Risk Management

Will farmers need to look at investing in ways to manage the risks of extreme weather events? Includes information specific to different species and disaster management resources.

Sources of Greenhouse Gases and Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment

Which greenhouse gases (GHGs) are produced by animal agriculture? How much and how does the industry compare to other GHG sources?

Mitigating (Reducing or Eliminating) GHGs

How does animal production, in general, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it emits? What items or practices are unique to each species?

Regulations, Opportunities and Market Options

What are the main ways policy makers could approach greenhouse gas reductions? Are there opportunities for agriculture?

Communicating Science Amidst Controversy

How do I provide science-based information when people do not even agree about the topic?


This page was developed as part of a project “Animal Agriculture and Climate Change” an extension facilitation project to increase capacity for ag professionals. It was funded by USDA-NIFA under award # 2011-67003-30206. If you have questions about any of the topics or have problems with links, contact Crystal Powers or Jill Heemstra

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