Results of Mono-Slope Beef Barn Air Quality Research – Archived Webcast

Researchers and university specialists from South Dakota State University, USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC), and Iowa State University Extension are wrapping up a four-year study looking at concentration and emission measurements in comparison with management techniques for mono-slope beef barns and will share the results of their study. This presentation was originally broadcast on July 19, 2013. More… Continue reading “Results of Mono-Slope Beef Barn Air Quality Research – Archived Webcast”

Mono-Slope Beef Barn Design and Management

monoslope beef barnWhat is a mono-slope beef barn? It’s a newer style barn for cattle that is becoming increasingly popular in the upper Midwest.

This webinar allows you to discover what exactly is a mono-slope barn and why beef producers are building them. This presentation is part of a four-year mono-slope air quality research project and was originally broadcast on May 17, 2013. More… Continue reading “Mono-Slope Beef Barn Design and Management”