Effects of Mixing Duration on Biogas Production and Methanogen Distribution in Dairy Manure Anaerobic Digesters

Why Did We Study Mixing Duration?

Mixing is an important parameter for anaerobic digesters for both design and operation. This is especially true for digesters that treat diary manure, which is a mixture of feces, urine, blood, food wastes, and bedding. Many of the solids fed to the digester have no or low degradability, and some of the large fibers can clog pumps or pipes in the transfer system.…

Anaerobic Digestion: Co-Digestion and Operational Issues

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A study was conducted to assess the performance of various mixing regimes on methanogen biomass content in anaerobic digesters.  Methane production in anaerobic digesters is directly related to the methanogens within the system.  Current systems involve mixing to increase biogas production and system efficiency, however little is known about the underlying mechanisms of this relationship. …