Waste to Worth 2013-Education & Outreach

Making Sense of Smells–Communicating Odors to Diverse Audiences-Doug Hamilton

Anaerobic Digester Workforce Training Curriculum Development-Jennifer Pronto

Anaerobic Digester Operator Discussion Group Management-Kathryn Barrett

Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG)-Angela Rieck-Hinz

Water Quality Initiatives for Small Iowa Beef and Dairy Feedlot Operations (Small Feedlot PRoject)-Shawn Shouse

Online Bioenergy Training for Extension Educators CHARLES GOULD

Feed Management Planners Certification Program to Reduce Nutrient Loads in Impaired Watersheds DAN LUDWIG

Extension Outreach Response to Livestock Mortality Events Associated with Algal Toxin Production in Georgia Farm Ponds-Susan Wilde

The Farm Manure to Energy Initiative: Using Excess Manure to Generate Farm Income in the Chesapeake’s Phosphorus Hotspots-Jane Corson-Lassiter

Tile Drainage Field Day to Promote Manure Management-Natalie Rector

Smartphone Apps for Manure Management-Jill Heemstra