Implications of Manure Additives: Both Purposeful and Accidental

This webinar discusses purposeful additives like nitrification inhibitors and biochar as well as accidental additives like copper sulfate from disinfecting foot baths and how these things can and should impact our decisions when applying manure. This presentation was originally broadcast on September 22, 2023.

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Nitrification Inhibitors and Manure

Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota (15:57)

Presentation Slides

Adding Biochar into Manure Management

Joe Stanford, University of Wisconsin-Platteville (16:54)

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Impact of copper sulfate footbath use on eastern Wisconsin’s manure, soil, and forage copper concentrations

Aerica Bjurstrom, University of Wisconsin-Madison (17:08)

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Questions from the Audience

All presenters (12:41)

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