Cattle Performance and Comfort In Different Types of Housing Systems

monoslope beef barnThese presentations were recorded at the Beef Facilities Conference and focused on cattle comfort and performance with four different barns. The accompanying papers are in pages 27-37 of the written proceedings.

Comparing Open Lot, Partially Covered, and Monoslope (Completely Covered) Systems

Robbi Pritchard, South Dakota State University (SDSU)

When SDSU rebuilt their cattle feeding facilities, the decision was made to compare three different systems: 

  • earthen lots with no overhead roof
  • lots that are partially roofed
  • a monoslope bedded barn in which the entire facility is covered

The feedlot manager tracked feed deliveries, cattle performance, carcass characteristics, and labor inputs for each system for two years.…

Air Regulations and How the Bedded Beef Barn Research Study Relates to Reporting

monoslope beef barnThis presentation from the Beef Facilities Conference focused on air quality regulations and what it might mean regarding the research project. You can find a paper in pages 10-17 of the written proceedings published by Iowa State University.

What Are the Relevant Air Regulations?

The federal air quality regulations that may apply to animal feeding operations include:

  • EPCRA – Environmental Planning and Community Right to Know Act
  • CERCLA – Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act or “Superfund” (not discussed in detail because EPA has determined animal operations are exempt)
  • Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule More…
  • Clean Air Act More…
  • State and local regulations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

What Does the Research Project On Bedded Beef Barns Show?

Manure management and temperature impacts on gas concentrations in mono-slope cattle facilities

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Why Study Air Emissions from Mono-slope Beef Barns?

Mono-slope buildings (Figure 1) are one type of roofed and confined cattle feeding facility that is becoming increasingly popular in the Northern Great Plains. However, little is known about the impact of these housing systems and associated manure management methods on the air quality inside and outside the barn. …

Mono-Slope Beef Barns

There is growing interest in feeding cattle in bedded confinement buildings for a multitude of reasons including (but not limited to): performance advantages, limited space for open lots, and keeping manure dry as well as preventing feedlot run-off and reducing environmental concerns. Oftentimes these confined cattle are housed in mono-slope barns.…