Agenda for Waste to Worth 2013

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Wednesday a.m, April 3, 2013

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Sessions marked with are planned for live webcasting.
Sessions marked with   have been submitted for continuing education credits through the Agronomy Society.

6:30 Registration
7:45 Welcome

Mark Risse

7:50 Opening Remarks

Rick Koelsch (via webcast)

8:00 Managing Livestock Ammonia: A Volatile, Promiscuous, Fugitive In the Atmosphere? (focusing on Rocky Mountain National Park)

Jay Ham

9:00 Affecting Change Through Collaboration: An Industry-Driven Approach
Phyllis Woodford
Nutrient Management Standards: Making Them Work Where We Work
Erin Cortus and Nichole Embertson, Moderators
Impacts of a Changing Climate on Animal Agriculture
Pam Knox
Discovery Farms Model: Helping Farmers Take Control of Water Quality
Ron Wiederholt
9:20 CO Livestock Association: A Proactive Partner in Addressing Livestock Ammonia
Bill Hammerich
How Do Environmental Risk Management Strategies Fit Into Risk Management
Dennis Frame
9:40 Ammonia Emmissions from Dairies: A Producer’s Perspective
Jon Slutsky
Will Spreading Bans Reduce Manure Runoff Events?
Amber Radatz
10:00 Break – Visit exhibitor booths
10:30 Management Techniques to Reduce Nitrogen Losses from Feedlot Cattle
Shawn Archibeque
Nutrient Management Standards: Mapping Out Future Research Opportunities
Erin Cortus and Nichole Embertson
Economic Impacts of Heat Stress
Normand St. Pierre
Using Soil Moisture to Predict the Risk of Runoff on Non-Frozen Ground
Tim Radatz
10:50 Feedlot NH4, BMP Adoption Barriers and Opportunities
James Pritchett
The Farm Manure to Energy Initiative: Chesapeake Bay Region
Jane Corson-Lassiter
What Practices Increase Infiltration &Reduce Runoff on Slopes >30%?
Joe Bragger
11:10 Ability of Nitrogen Isotopes to Distinguish Ammonia Sources
Joshua Stratton
Benefits of Bedding Reuse for the Equine Industry
Mollie Bogardus
Discovery Farms
11:30 Successful Regulatory- Industry Partnership to Address Air Emissions
Nichole Embertson
Effect of Fractionation and Pyrolysis on Fuel Properties of Poultry Litter
Kausheldra Singh
Money from Something: Carbon Market Developments for Agriculture
Jim Jensen

Luncheon Speaker

Federal Regulations and Pending Legislation Affecting Nutrient Management

Jeff Blackwood, The Fertilizer Institute and Ashley McDonald, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Wednesday p.m., April 3, 2013

Sessions marked with an * are planned for live webcasting.
Sessions marked with   have been submitted for continuing education credits through the Agronomy Society.

1:00 Activation Energy of Urea Hydrolysis and Ammonia Henry Constant Effects
Joshua Stratton
Effect of Manure Handling on the Steroid Movement in Beef Cattle Systems
Charles Shapiro
Adaptation Methods and Bioclimate Scenarios
Nicola Lactera
Discovery Farms (cont’d)
1:20 Development of an Acid Scrubber for Reducing Ammonia Emissions
Phillip Moore
Designing Structures to Remove Phosphorus from Drainage Waters
Josh Payne
1:40 Ammonia Mitigation Using Electrolyzed Water Spray Scrubber
Saqib Mukhtar
Treatment of Silage Runoff with Vegetated Filter Strip
Mike Holly
Feeding Cattle Without the Feedlot
Jason Gross
2:00 The Effect of Bulking Agent on Nutrient Loss from Composting
Jolene Rutter
Inactivation of Dairy Manure-borne Pathogens by Anaerobic Digestion
Becky Larson
GHG Mitigation Opportunities for Livestock Management in the U.S.
Shawn Archibeque
Balancing Earth, Air, and Fire In the Kansas Flint Hills
Jeff Davidson
2:20 Ammonia Mitigation and Capture as a Liquid Fertilizer from manure
Saqib Mukhtar
Outreach Response to Livestock Mortality Events Associated with Algal Toxin
Susan Wilde
Designing Wells for Maximum Production, Well Life, and Energy Efficiency
Jay Lazarus
2:40 Best Management Practices for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Rhonda Miller
Silage Leachate Characteristics
Mike Holly
3:00 Break – Visit exhibitor booths
3:30 Potential Air Quality Impacts of Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure
Pius Ndegwa
Livestock Mortality Composting in the Semi-Arid West
Tommy Bass
Impacts of Changing Climate in the Northeast on Manure Storage
Peter Wright
Making Sense of Smells – Communicating Odors to Diverse Audiences
Doug Hamilton
3:50 On-Farm Comparison of Two Liquid Dairy Manure Application Methods
Lide Chen
From Waste to Energy: Life Cycle Assessment of AD systems
Horacio Aguirre-Villegas
4:10 Litter Generated Ammonia Captured by Activated Carbon Derived from Broiler Litter
Kari Bristolara
Estimation of On-Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Poultry Houses
Claudia Dunkley
4:30 Evaluating the Dust Abatement Potential of Stocking Density
Jack Bush
Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Beef Cattle Under Grazing Conditions in Florida
Marta Moura Kohmann
4:50 Photometric Prediction of Ground-level PM10 Concentrations
Sharon Preece
Tannin Inhibition of Total Gas Production, Methane, and Sulfate-reducing Bacteria
Terry Whitehead
Effects of Climate Change on Pasture Production and Forage Quality
Rebecca McCulley
5:10 Dissipation of Fine Particulates Downwind of Poultry Houses
John Worley
5:30 Estimating Ammonia Emissions Using Low-cost, Time-averaged Concentration Measurements
Kira Shonkwiler

Wednesday Evening Poster Session, April 3, 2013 (6:00 – 7:30 pm)

Soil Amendments Reduced Herbicides Mobility into Agricultural Runoff George Antonious
Training Manure- and Compost-Spreading Contractors for the Cattle-Feeding Industry in the Texas Panhandle Brent Auvermann
A Review of WV Poultry litter analysis from 1994 to 2010 that demonstrates a continual fluctuation in nutrient concentrations resulting from changes in Poultry Feed Formulations and new storage methods Tom Basden
Impacts of the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Shelby Bollwahn
Greenhouse gas emissions from land-applied swine manure: development of method based on static flux chambers Kelsey Bruning (student)
On-farm field days as a tool to demonstrate agricultural waste management practices and educate producers Mario de Haro Marti
Reducing Phosphorus Loading into Ohio’s Lakes through Manure Applications on Growing Crops Amanda Douridas
Design, hydrologic performance, and effluent characteristics of a woodchip heavy-use area with subsurface drainage for wintering beef cattle Joshua Faulkner
Youth Ag. Greenhouse Gas Educational Lab Materials via Pork Production Scenarios Rick Fields
Online Bioenergy Training Modular Course Series Charles Gould
Enhancing the productivity of Livestock production through improved feeding: Empirical evidence from highland of Ethiopia Mesay Yami Gurmu
Converting Onion Waste into Energy as a Co-digestant with Dairy Manure Gary Hawkins
Waste Disposal by the Veterinary Community Kristi Henderson
Interactive Displays on Environmental Stewardship for General Agricultural Audiences Leslie Johnson
A review of effectiveness of vegetative buffers for mitigating air emissions from livestock facilities Zifei Liu
The National Air Quality Site-Assessment Tool (NAQSAT) Jerry May
Factors affecting manure transfers in the midwest Laura McCann
White meat-Green farm: Case study of Brinson Farms Dana Miles
Alternative Poultry Litter Storage for Improved Transportation and Use Josh Payne
Pesticide Application Air Quality Emissions Inventory Project Theresa Pella
Lessons learned from the installation and monitoring of a swine finisher biofilter Crystal Powers
Cellulose-based industrial wastewater by-product as broiler bedding material Casey Ritz
Co-pyrolyzing plastic mulch waste with animal manures Kyoung Ro
Arkansas Discovery Farms Andrew Sharpley
Direct measurements of methane emissions from a dairy lagoon in northeast Colorado Kira Shonkwiler (student)
Manure Spreader Calibration Field Days for Confined Animal Facility Operators in South Carolina Bryan Smith
South Carolina’s Confined Animal Manure Manager Program Bryan Smith
Highlights of the Air Quality Education in Animal Agriculture Project Rick Stowell
Nutrient Management Regulations and the Equine Industry Ann Swinker
Ammonia Emissions from anaerobically digested manure Fei Sun (student)
Drying and Rewetting Effects on Gas Emissions from Dairy Manure in Semi-arid Regions Pakorn Sutitarnnontr
Exploring Chicken Manure to Increase Concentrations of Organic Sulfur Compounds in Onions Eric Turley
Ammonia Recovery from Livestock Wastewater with Gas Permeable Membranes Matias Vanotti
Combination of borax and quebracho condensed tannins treatment to reduce hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from stored swine manure Terry Whitehead
Currently Used Manure Management Practices of Equine Operations Carey Williams
Diet and Tillage Effects on VOC Emissions Following Land Application of Beef Cattle Manure Bryan Woodbury

Thursday a.m, April 4, 2013

Sessions marked with an * are planned for live webcasting.
Sessions marked with   have been submitted for continuing education credits through the Agronomy Society.

8:00 Livestock GRACEnet
April Leytem
Quantification of Sodium Pentobarbital Residues from Equine Mortality Compost Piles
Josh Payne
Framing Climate Change: Recent Research Trends on Communication Strategies and Public Opinion
Erik Nisbet
Environmental Footprints of Beef Produced at the U.s. Meat Animal Research Center
Al Rotz
Feed Management Certification Workshop
$50 FEE
Introductory RUSLE2 Workshop
$0 FEE
8:20 Emissions from Western Dairy Production
April Leytem
Environmental Effects of Mortality Disposal
Jean Bonhotal
Protecting Puget Sound Watersheds from Agricultural Pollution
Nichole Embertson
8:40 Effects of Corn Processing Method and Dietary Inclusion of Wet Distillers Grain
Andy Cole
Gypsum Bedding – Risks and Recommendations for Manure Handling
Robert Meinen
Managing Creek Pastures for Improved Water Quality
Kevin Wagner
9:00 Ammonia Emissions and Emission Factors: A Summary of Beef Investigations
Richard Todd
Global Supply of Phosphorus
Mike Stewart
Climate Change Extension: Presenting the Science Is Necessary But Insufficient
Rebecca McCulley
Adoption Trends of Nutrient Related Practices on Canadian Livestock Farms
Dennis Haak
9:20 Estimation of Ammonia Emissions from Two Beef Cattle Feedyards
Heidi Waldrip
EPA Perspective
Alfred Basile
Predicting Extension Professionals’ Climate Change Perceptions
Damian Adams
Watershed Nitrogen Reduction Planning Tool
William Lazarus
9:40 Assessment of Bioaerosol Transport at Large Dairy Operations
Robert Dungan
Phosphorus Index and Applied Tools
Andrew Sharpley
Life Cycle Assessment
Modeling and Education for the Pork Industry
Karl VanDevender
Phosphorus Concentrations Have Been Declining in the Illinois River
Brian Haggard
10:00 Break – Visit exhibitor booths
10:30 Emissions in Swine Mortality Composts
Dana Miles
Producer Perspective
Dennis Frame
Staying Ahead of the Curve: How Farmers and Industry Are Responding to the Issue of Climate Change
Farmer & Industry Panel
What Happens When You Mix Chitosan and Poultry Litter?
Brian Haggard
10:50 Treatment Technologies for Ammonia in Liquid Manure
Matias Vanotti
Modeling of Phosphorus Movement
Peter Vadas
Case Study: Earthen Lagoon Closure
Catherine Nash
11:10 Manure Application Method and Timing Effects on Emission of Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide
Bill Jokela
Panel Discussion
All Phosphorus Speakers
Efficient Utilization of Equine Manure
Bryan Smith
11:30 Particulate Matter Adjacent to Cattle Deep-bedded Monoslope Facilities
Mindy Spiehs
Integrating Probable Fieldwork Days into Nutrient Management Plans
John Lory
11:50 Luncheon Speaker

NRCS Manure Related Conservation Innovation Grants

Glenn Carpenter

Thursday p.m., April 4, 2013

Sessions marked with an * are planned for live webcasting.
Sessions marked with   have been submitted for continuing education credits through the Agronomy Society.

1:00 Conference Survey
1:20 Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Surface Concentration Measurements from Beef
Ferouz Ayadi
Feed Management Planners Certification Program to Reduce Nutrient Loads
Dan Ludwig
Stakeholder Interest
Open Forum
Modeling to Evaluate Environmental Losses, Profitability, and BMPs
Tamie Veith
Anaerobic Digestion of Finishing Cattle Manure
Andrea Watson
1:40 Manure Management and Temperature Impacts on Gas Concentrations
Erin Cortus
Sustainable Dairy Cropping Systems
Ginny Ishler
Small Farm Nutrient Management
Mike Westendorf
Feasibility of Installation of Anaerobic Digesters at Cattle Operations and Demonstration of Decision Support Tool
Sybil Sharvelle
2:00 Developing a Modeling Framework to Characterize Manure Flows in Texas
Brent Auvermann
Effects of feeding distiller’s byproducts on reduced sulfur emissions
Dan Miller
A Review of Manure Management Equipment for Small Farms
Tommy Bass
2:20 Factors Affecting the Price of Manure Applied on Corn
Laura McCann
BFNMP$: A tool for estimating feedlot manure economics
Andrea Watson
Manure Management Facilities and Structures on Small Farms
Jean Bonhotal
Evaluation of a Trickle Flow Leachate Bed Reactor for Digestion of High Solids
Asma Hanif
2:40 Production of Fuel Crops to Make Biodiesel Using Animal Manure
John Chastain
Integrating Manure into Feed Ration Optimization
Ray Massey
Small and Backyard Poultry Flocks
Jacquie Jacob
Demonstration of a Pilot Scale Leach-bed Multistage Digester for Treating Dry-lot Wastes
Lucas Loetscher
3:00 Break – Visit exhibitor booths
3:30 Comparison of Using Litter for On-Farm Space Heating vs. Generation of Electricity
John Chastain
What We Feed Dairy Cows Impacts Manure Chemistry and the Environment
Mark Powell
Colorado Small Farm Programs
Martha Sullins
Design, Construction and Implementation of a Pilot Scale Anaerobic Digester
Brandon Harvey
3:50 Economic Analysis of Swine Diet Cost vs. Manure Value
David Stender
Overview of Solid-Liquid Separation Alternatives for Manure Handling
Jeff Porter
Influence of Swine Manure Application on Concentrations of Methanogens and Denitrifiers
Kimberly Cook
Valuing Feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion – Balancing Energy Potential and Nutrients
Dana Kirk
4:10 Next Generation Manure Technology: Waste to Energy and Environmental Revenues
Gus Simmons
Financial Benefits of Composting Stable Waste for the Equine Industry
Mollie Bogardus
Predicting Nutrient Application at CAFO Land Application Fields using CAFOweb™
Tara Vander Dussen
Operation of Internal Combustion Engines on Digas for Electricity Production
Daniel Olsen
4:30 Software for Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Dairy and Beef Production Systems
Al Rotz
Benefits of Using Liquid-Solid Separation with Manure Treatment Lagoons
John Chastain
Organic Mulches in Ginseng Production
Jonathan Rivin
Coupling Dairy Manure Anaerobic Digesters with Commercial Greenhouses
Curt Gooch
4:50 Online Bioenergy Training Modular Course Series
Charles Gould
Automating Management for a Vegetative Treatment System
Jason Gross
Feasible Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion Case Study: Eucolino Digestion System
Amber Blythe
5:10 Process for Recovery of Phosphorus from Solid Manure
Ariel Szogi
5:30 Reducing Negative Impacts of Poultry Litter on Water Quality
Louis McDonald

Friday a.m, April 5, 2013

All times are MOUNTAIN time zone (+1 hour for central and +2 hours to convert to eastern; -1 to convert to pacific)
Sessions marked with an * are planned for live webcasting.
Sessions marked with   have been submitted for continuing education credits through the Agronomy Society.

8:00 Anaerobic Digester Workforce Training Curriculum Development
Jennifer Pronto
Tile Drainage Field Day to Promote Manure Management
Natalie Rector
Improving Methane Yields from Manure Solids Through Pretreatment
Dennis Burke
8:20 Swine Manure & Aqua-ammonia Nitrogen Application Timing on Subsurface Drainage Water
Matt Helmers
Impact of Mixing Regime on Methanogen Biomass During Anaerobic Digestion
Rebecca Larson
8:40 Anaerobic Digester Operators’ Virtual Discussion Group Management
Kathryn Barrett
On-site Analytical Laboratories to Monitor Process Stability of Anaerobic Digestion Systems
Rodrigo Labatut
9:00 The Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG): A 15-Year Partnership
Angela Rieck-Hinz
Use of Filters in Drainage Control Stuctures to Reduce Risk
Stephanie Herbstritt
Economical Recovery of Ammonia from Manure Digestate
Dennis Burke
9:20 Water Quality Initiatives for Small Iowa Beef and Dairy Feedlot Operations
Shawn Shouse
New Technologies for Drainage Water Management and Subsurface Irrigation
Phil Algreen
Dairy Manure Digestion Influenced by Wasted Milk from Milking Operations
Jun Zhu
9:40 Smartphone Apps for Manure Management
Jill Heemstra
Role of Drainage Depth and Intensity on Hydrology and Nutrient Loss
Gary Sands
Dry AD for High-Solids Manures
Norma McDonald
10:00 Conference Adjourns