Energy Consumption in Commercial Midwest Dairy Barns

Consumer interest and concern is growing in regards to sustainability of livestock production systems. Demand for reduced carbon emissions within agricultural systems has been growing along with increasing demand for food. Baseline fossil fuel consumption within agricultural systems, including dairy production, is scarce.

Frank Wideman


Frank Wideman is a Natural Resources Engineering Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension.  He specializes in natural resource management, water quality, farm and home energy and emerging technologies.  He includes GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing in all those areas.  He also utilizes distance education, social media, and community resource management to develop these programs.  …

From Waste to Energy: Life Cycle Assessment of Anaerobic Digestion Systems

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In recent years, processing agricultural by-products to produce energy has become increasingly attractive due to several reasons: centralized availability of low cost by-products, avoiding the fuel vs. food debate, reduction of some associated environmental impacts, and added value that has the potential to generate additional income for producers.…