Manure Storage Covers Curriculum Materials

Air emissions from animal agriculture operations and their associated manure storage are being examined more closely as a way to mitigate potentially harmful gases. Covers are becoming popular as a way to collect methane (a potent greenhouse gas) for beneficial reuse as a renewable energy source.  The materials on this page were developed to assist educators and professors who include manure storage covers as a topic in their classrooms or educational programs.

Fact Sheets

Rose Stenglein, Charles J. Clanton, David R. Schmidt, Larry D. Jacobson, and Kevin A. Janni, University of Minnesota

Video: Manure Storage Covers for Reducing Odor Emissions

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Positive Air Pressure Covers

Negative Air Pressure Covers

Technology Summaries

These are from a 2008 conference hosted by Iowa State University


These materials were developed by the Air Quality Education in Animal Agriculture (AQEAA) project with with financial support from the National Research Initiative Competitive Grant 2007-55112-17856 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. For questions about the materials on this page contact Dr. Kevin Janni, University of Minnesota ( For questions about the AQEAA project, contact Dr. Rick Stowell, Unviersity of Nebraska ( If you have presentations, photos, video, publications, or other instructional materials that could be added to the curricula on this page, please contact Dr. Janni or Jill Heemstra (