Global Re-Fuel Furnace on Rohrer Farm, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Weaver Farm, Pendleton County, West Virginia

The Technology

The Global Re-Fuel furnace (PLF-500) by Wayne Combustion Systems was installed on two farms in 2014 as demonstration projects for the Farm Manure-to-Energy Initiative. The furnace uses poultry litter as a fuel and was designed to deliver heat via hot air to poultry housing.

The Farms

Mark Rohrer’s poultry houses in Lancaster County, PA, are on land that has been farmed by his family for generations.…

Bio-Burner 500 on Riverhill Farm, Rockingham County, Virginia

The Technology

The Bio-Burner 500 by LEI Products was installed in 2015 on Riverhill Farm in Rockingham County, VA, as a demonstration project for the Farm Manure-to-Energy Initiative. The Bio-Burner 500 is a combustion system that uses poultry litter as a fuel.

Hot water from the Bio-Burner delivers heat to a turkey poult house via a radiant floor heating system that is used to supplement heat from a traditional propane heating system.…

Grid Soil Sampling to Guide Manure Application

Why Consider Grid Sampling for Manure Application?

Grid soil sampling for phosphorus and potassium can identify areas in fields with nutrient deficiencies and other areas with sufficient or excess nutrients. Nutrient maps can be used to define areas for manure application or exclusion, using supplemental fertilizer where manure is not applied or does not meet the crop requirements.…