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These downloadable sheets and social media posts are meant to help individuals learn about the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community.

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What is the LPELC?

The LPELC is a learning network that strives to bring together all types of expertise; all the way from research and technical knowledge to application of science on the farm.

What is on the LPELC website?

The website contains educational curricula, tools for farmers, regulations, and more, across 10+ topic areas. It has monthly and archived webinars, waste to worth conference proceedings. You can also get all of your manure questions answered by experts across the country.

 Check out the LPELC Webinar Series

LPELC offers a free monthly webinar on a variety of issues related to animal manure management. Missed a webinar or want to watch past topic? You can find the archived webinars on our website too.

Learn about the Merits of Manure Content Library

The Merits of Manure Content Library was created to provide educators and advisors with access to recommended resources that will assist them in their discussion of manure’s  benefits and challenges.

Navigate the W2W proceedings

Waste to Worth (W2W) is a biennial conference that brings together the nations best science on animal agriculture and the environment.  Find sessions about many different topics including air quality, manure management, environmental impacts, and more!

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Translating Beef Production Research to Marketing Outcomes

The audience will learn about different beef production systems and their performance outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to expound upon the information shared, inquire with panelists, and actively participate in beef marketing improvements.

Interactive Panel


Dr. Megan Webb, Assistant Professor and Beef Production Systems Extension Specialist, University of Minnesota

Ms. Karin Schaefer, Executive Director, Minnesota Beef Council


Ms. June Dunn, Field Specialist, Greater Omaha Packing Company

Dr. Alan Rotz, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management

Dr. Garrett Steede, Teaching Assistant Professor, Ag. Education, Communication and Marketing, University of Minnesota

Mr. Jerry Wulf, Partner at Wulf Cattle Company

Corresponding Author

Megan Webb, University of Minnesota, mwebb@umn.edu


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