PFAS – What is in Your Water?

This webinar provides a basic understanding of PFAS. Some of the questions that are answered include: What is PFAS? Where did it come from? Where is it found? What are the potential issues related to PFAS? This is the first of a two-part series on PFAS and will focus mainly on water related factors and concerns. This presentation was originally broadcast on October 30, 2020. Continue reading “PFAS – What is in Your Water?”

Manure and Soil Erosion, Runoff, and Losses

In the Manure and Soil Erosion, Runoff, and Losses roundtable, our goal was to discover the influence of manure on soil and runoff. We discussed if certain fields will produce more environmental benefits than others and whether timing of application affects these benefits. Finally, we debated whether we can derive an economic and environmental value for manure beyond its nutrient value, due to improved moisture retention and decreased erosion. Field experiences and observations related to the value of manure as well as what farmers still need related to soil building with manure were reviewed. This dialogue was the third in a four part series discussing the current state of our knowledge relative to manure’s impact on soil health.

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Nathan Nelson, Kansas State University

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John Gilley, USDA Agricultural Research Service

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Mike Kucera, NRCS National Soil Survey Center

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Andy Scholting, Nutrient Advisors

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Other Manure and Soil Health (MaSH) Information