Animal Ag & Climate Change Symposium 2013

logo for animal agriculture climate change which includes a weather vane with cow and topSpeakers from the Waste to Worth Conference, April 2013 in Denver.

Impacts and How to Adapt

Impacts of a Changing Climate on Animal Agriculture PAM KNOX
Economic Impacts of Heat Stress NORMAND ST. PIERRE
Adaptation Methods and Bioclimate Scenarios ALESSANDRO NARDONE & NICOLA LACETERA
Staying Ahead of the Curve: How Farmers and Industry Are Responding to the Issue of Climate Change FARMER & INDUSTRY PANEL
Impacts of Changing Climate in the Northeast on Manure Storage PETER WRIGHT
Effects of Climate Change on Pasture Production and Forage Quality REBECCA MCCULLEY

Communication Strategies

Framing Climate Change: Recent Research Trends on Communication Strategies and Public Opinion ERIK NISBET
Climate Change Extension: Presenting the Science Is Necessary But Insufficient REBECCA MCCULLEY & PAUL VINCELLI
Predicting Extension Professionals’ Climate Change Perceptions DAMIAN ADAMS

Sources of Emissions and Mitigation Opportunities

GHG Mitigation Opportunities for Livestock Management in the U.S. SHAWN ARCHIBEQUE
Money from Something: Carbon Market Developments for Agriculture JIM JENSEN
From Waste to Energy: Life Cycle Assessment of AD systems HORATIO AGUIRRE-VILLEGAS
Estimation of On-Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Poultry Houses CLAUDIA DUNKLEY
Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Beef Cattle Under Grazing Conditions in Florida MARTA MOURA KOHMANN
Life Cycle Assessment Modeling and Education for the Pork Industry KARL VANDEVENDER