How Do I Participate in a Webinar?

It is strongly recommended that first-time viewers complete Step 1 several days or weeks before a webinar.

Step 1: Test Your Software

To test your software and connection speed, go to our LPELC Meeting Test Room. This room will be slightly different than the actual webinar room, but should allow you to:

    • install a small program that allows the webinar to work
    • test the controls in the room
    • find the chat box so you can ask questions during the webinar

If you are unable to connect to the testing room, contact your IT staff or our webinar coordinator.

Step 2: Connect to the webinar

On the scheduled day and time (about 15 minutes before the webinar begins), connect to the virtual meeting room through our Live Webinar Information page. Fill out the registration information when prompted.. If you want to download the power point presentations, and view other resources, go to the Live Webinar Information page.

Step 3: Participate in the webinar

The following is a list of the controls you have during the webinar:

    • View participant list
      • Raise Hand – notifies host
      • Rename – change your name that is seen in the participant list
    • Chat
    • Q&A – this is where you have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters.
    • Leave Meeting