Hydrogen Sulfide, How Serious an Outdoor Air Quality Concern

Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) is produced from animal manures under anaerobic conditions. Hydrogen sulfide is an odorant and is known as an indoor air pollutant where it can reach toxic, and even lethal, concentrations. But is it more than just an odorant at normal outdoor concentrations? This presentation was originally broadcast on September 19, 2008. More…
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Hydrogen Sulfide Basics & Potential Impacts on Human Health

Larry Jacobson, University of Minnesota (17 minutes)

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Minnesota Ambient Hydrogen Sulfide Standards

Jim Sullivan, Minnesota Pollution Control Board (20 minutes)

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Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions from Dairy and Beef Lots

Saqib Mukhtar, Texas AgriLife Extension (16 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All presenters (14 minutes)

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