Managing Livestock Mortalities

A recent FDA rule is likely to impact the cost and/or availability of rendering services for cattle producers. What is this rule and how will it impact service? Are there other environmentally-responsible methods of carcass disposal? This presentation was originally broadcast on June 19, 2009. More…

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What’s This?
Impact Of the New Rule On the Rendering Industry
(16 minutes)
David Meeker
National Renderers Assn.
Slides Rendering Industry Impacts
(19 MB)
Impacts Of the New Rule On the Cattle Industry
(15 minutes)
Elizabeth Parker
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Slides Cattle Industry Impacts
(17 MB)
Methods of Carcass Disposal (Emphasizing Composting)
(22 minutes)
Jean Bonhotal
Cornell University
Slides Composting Livestock Mortalities
(22 MB)
Question and Answer
(12 minutes)
All speakers Written Summary (in progress) Question & Answer
(11 MB)

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