Manure Safety and Transport

In the rush to complete harvest, manure application, and winter preparations, small mistakes and accidents can result in major downtime, expense and increased liability. This webcast focuses on reducing the risk. This presentation was originally broadcast on August 19, 2016. More…

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Think Safety First

Rick Martens, Martens Manurigation (14 min)

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Manure Safety

Note: This segment was a timely replacement for the original presentation on preserving roads and transport safety. The change was made due to an unusual manure gas fatality in Wisconsin in leading to the death of a farmer and 16 animals that were not in a confined space, and discusses what is known about the incident and steps that farmers and manure applicators need to take to reduce their risk.

Cheryl Skjolaas, University of Wisconsin Extension (17 min)

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Manure Transport: Liability and Rules of the Road

Robert Moore, Wright and Moore Law Co. (14 min)

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All Presenters (13 min)

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