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Responses to the question “Which area(s) do you feel that additional research would be most beneficial to you and your clients in better understanding this disease or on how we can work together to prevent further spread of the PED virus?

  • The prevalence of PED in manure and the potential transfer from applied manure to other hog farms. What is the kill rate of the PED virus post application on field.
  • Show me that we are causing the spreading of PED.
  • Finding a way to stop it or just infect all the pig and get it over with.
  • The practicality of actually cleaning every square inch of your equipment .
  • Communication from farmer , telling me has PED!
  • Disinfection
  • I don’t have an answer for this.
  • Ideally a vaccination for the virus or a way to sterilize the manure.
  • How the virus spreads. Vaccines
  • How was this virus allowed in the feed initially on the 1st 17 farms where the PED started in Ontario
  • Length of time virus is alive or spreadable
  • Development of a vaccine to stop it would be best. education of the disease helps.
  • The ability to kill the virus in manure and test for the live virus that is 100% accurate Knowing of PED infections.
  • Find a vaccine / cure for it. Also a practical way to kill off the live virus
  • Bio Augmenting manure to reduce pathogen risk in the manure
  • Find ways to sterilize the manure economically before spreading on the farm.
  • Cross over line farther out from barns
  • What causes it, how it spreads.
  • How it spreads
  • More clarity on clothing, footwear, and separation
  • Find how it is predominantly spread from site to site (i.e. Feed/transport/employees)
  • How does PED move?
  • More info on transmission of PED
  • Would higher ph levels in manure shorten the life of the virus?

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