Grid Soil Sampling to Guide Manure Application

Why Consider Grid Sampling for Manure Application?

Grid soil sampling for phosphorus and potassium can identify areas in fields with nutrient deficiencies and other areas with sufficient or excess nutrients. Nutrient maps can be used to define areas for manure application or exclusion, using supplemental fertilizer where manure is not applied or does not meet the crop requirements.…

Earthen Manure Containment Structures

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Siting an Earthen Manure Storage Structure

Because earthen manure and process generated wastewater storage structures are generally less expensive to build than above-ground metal or concrete tanks or below-ground concrete tanks, most operators choose earthen storage construction (ponds) where possible.…

Calibrating Irrigation Equipment for Manure Application

Irrigation equipment can be used to land apply manure with a solids content of up to 2-3 percent depending upon the type of equipment used and nozzle size. The types of systems typically used are stationary (also called solid-set), traveling guns, and center pivots. Irrigation equipment is typically used to land apply liquid manure from anaerobic lagoons and runoff holding ponds.…

Calibrating Liquid Manure Application Equipment

Types of Liquid Manure Application Equipment

Liquid manure application equipment includes tankers (sometimes called honey-wagons) and hose-drag (also referred to as drag-hose) systems. Depending upon the type of liquid application system being calibrated, calibration may require weighing the tanker, recording the time to empty a load, measuring application spread width and length and/or recording equipment speed.…

Liquid Manure Storage Ponds, Pits, and Tanks

Waste storage pits and indoor tanks are generally under-floor inside the dairy, swine (and sometimes poultry) housing. Waste storage ponds and above ground storage tanks are fenced and posted to keep young children, livestock, and other unauthorized visitors away. Pond banks are seeded or sodded with a good grass cover to prevent soil erosion and mowed regularly to control grass and weed growth.…

Liquid Manure Treatment Lagoons

There are many options for the handling and storage of liquid manure. This page describes and differentiates some of the most common systems.

Anaerobic Treatment Lagoons Compared to Aerobic Lagoons and Storage Ponds

Most agricultural treatment lagoons are anaerobic lagoons. Anaerobic lagoons are earthen structures, which look at first glance like farm ponds.…