Going the distance: considerations for the use of manure pipelines

In this webinar, presenters share tips on what to look for, how to monitor your system, and what maintenance is needed for manure pipelines. This presentation was originally broadcast on February 18, 2022.

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Use of a Pipeline to Transport Manure

Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension (22 minutes)

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Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension (4 minutes)

Panel Discussion

All Presenters (41 minutes)

Follow up Q&A:

    • How does NRCS view the need for a fixed pipeline as a “resource concern” under EQIP?
      • From Suzanne Reamer:According to the Waste Transfer Conservation Practice Standard the resource concern for a fixed pipeline is water quality degradation for nutrients to surface and groundwater along with pathogens to water bodies.   Follow up with your local NRCS office for additional planning criteria or limitation when considering the installation of a fixed waste transfer pipeline system.

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