Air Quality Resources for Policy Makers

Healthy communities include healthy businesses. A proposed new or expanded animal feeding operation can challenge the harmony of a local community. One commonly expressed concern regards the health impacts of the airborne emissions. Resources are available to help community members dealing with difficult decisions related to animal feeding operations.…

Water Programs (Regulations) That Can Affect Livestock and Poultry Producers

There are many resources available to assist producers in learning about which regulations apply to their operation. This page focuses on water-related programs.

Federal Programs

What Do the Experts Say? Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pathogens and Livestock or Poultry Production

A panel of national experts on pathogen issue in animal manure was assembled in 2006 by the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center to share their expertise. The Learning Center is indebted to Chip Simmons, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Public Health; Thomas Harter, University of California, Davis; Jeanette Thurston-Enriquez, USDA Agricultural Research Service; Sheridan Kidd Haack, US Geological Survey; Gary K.…

Ag Environmental Management Systems Publications Curriculum Materials

This series of agricultural environmental management system (EMS) publications are the result of a five year project, Partners for Livestock EMS that field tested EMS tools with over 200 beef, dairy, and poultry producers in nine states. The ag EMS processs process is aimed at helping farmers and ranchers integrate environmental decision making into the day to day management of their operation.…

Educational and Commercial Resources for Manure Composting

Educational Resources

Commercial Resources

Consulting Resources

  • Coker Composting & Consulting, Roanoke VA, provides professional support to the composting industry with experience in planning, designing, building and running compost facilities
  • Tetra Tech provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services, offering innovative and cost effective solutions to complex problems
  • Midwest Biosystems offers consulting services to fit the need of any proposed or existing composting operation
  • Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.

Dairy Feed Nutrient Management Fact Sheets

Introduction to Feed Management and Developing a Feed Management Plan

It is strongly recommended that you read these introductory fact sheets before the dairy-specific ones.

Developing A Dairy-Specific Feed Management Plan

Managing Feed Nutrients on a Dairy Farm