The Ohio State University’s Use of a Ventilation Trailer


The Ohio State University had a ventilation trailer constructed in 2001 to help teach basic livestock building ventilation concepts and familiarize livestock producers with air measuring and monitoring devices. The trailer had three ventilation fans and three air inlet designs. Key concepts covered in the lecture portion of ventilation workshops included: types of building ventilation, ventilation terminology, air speed, proper static pressure, ventilation rates for animals of various sizes, fan performance, fan controller performance, and voltage curves. Workshop attendees were provided ventilation monitoring equipment such as a manometer, high/low thermometer, hot wire anemometer, smoke sticks, smoke matches and an infrared thermometer and encouraged to use them with the ventilation trailer. Twenty years after its construction, the trailer has been updated with new equipment and is still used with students and livestock companies. The trailer was built with financial help from the Ohio Pork Council, Ag Credit, Farm Credit Services, Farmer Boy Ag Supply, Curry Lumber, and the OSU College of Food, Agriculture, and Biological Engineering.


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