Video Types Available in LPE Learning Center Webcast Archives

The video segments are available in two forms:

Downloadable Flash Video

Use the download link if you wish to save the video segment to your computer and play it back in a situation without a live Internet connection. These video files are large and take a while to download. Playback will not be possible until the entire file is downloaded.

Almost all browsers are already Flash-enabled, but if the files will not automatically open and play on your computer, download the free Adobe Flash Player software.

Streamed Video

Use the View entire presentation link or click on one of the embedded segments if you wish to play back a video segment over a live Internet connection. Playback will begin very quickly but depends on an uninterrupted connection to playback the entire video.

Occasional maintenance or technical issues may make the streamed playback inaccessible for short periods of time. If this happens, try again at a later time.


To view the presentation slides, you will need software that can read PDF files. A free software program (if you do not already have one) is Acrobat Reader.

Webcast Troubleshooting

If you have difficulty with playing back an archived webcasts, see our Webcast Troubleshooting page.