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Appendix1: North American Manure Expo – Manure Applicators PED Questionnaire Page 4 of 4

After pumping, COMMUNICATE with the producer:
Step 1 – rank each of the following as easy, intermediate OR hard to accomplish on a day-to-day basis (in the middle column). Step 2 in the LAST column, choose the one that is the hardest to accomplish.

Thinking of the ones you checked as “hardest to implement”, which one is the hardest and why?


Which area(s) do you feel that additional research would be most beneficial to you and your clients in better understanding this disease, or on how we can work together to prevent further spread of the PED virus?


If you have made changes in your manure application business in response to PED and these changes have added time (planning, execution or follow-up), what is the average change in overall staff time that has occurred for a typical job? For example, if a job would have taken 200 person hours and it now requires 220 hours, this would be reported as a 10% increase in labor hours.

  • < 10% ☐ 11% to 20% ☐ > 20%

What questions/concerns do you have about Bio-security or PEDv?


This survey is a collaborative effort of Kevin Erb (University of Wisconsin Extension, and John Carney (MLMMI).