Live from the North American Manure Expo 2018

This webinar highlights student posters presented at the North American Manure Expo in Brookings, SD. It also talks with judges and other attendees to learn more about why they attend the Expo. This presentation was originally broadcast on August 16, 2018. More…

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Student Poster Presentations

Multiple Speakers (20 minutes)

Can swine manure be sidedressed to corn via dragline hose? Chris Pfarr, University of Minnesota
Can manure increase corn yield and reduce gaseous losses? Suresh Niraula, North Dakota State University
Sand Laden Manure Freezing Maddie Watkins, University of Minnesota
Antimicrobial Resistance in Beef Feedlot Manure as Impacted by Forage Concentration and Essential Oil in Finishing Cattle Diets Mara Zelt, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

A Word from the Judges

Teng Lim, University of Missouri (2 minutes)

What draws you to the Expo?

Chryseis Modderman, University of Minnesota and Doug Hamilton, Oklahoma State University (6 minutes)

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